Investigator reveals video of charges being laid on floors 93 to 99 Twin Towers 9/11


This video is the best that has ever been published about the real 9/11. Watch it now before Youtube censors it.
Special investigator into Russiagate and Trump’s alleged involvement, Robert Mueller was FBI head at the time of 9/11 and he has covered up the controlled demolition of buildings. Recorded eyewitness accounts from emergency services workers and office occupants tell the whole story, that Obama, Bush and the Democrats have covered up. There were no planes that hit the Twin Towers or the Pentagon.




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Published on Jun 13, 2019

Compelling New Evidence of Who Set The Explosives Leading Up to 9/11 They had been pre programming us for this event for 20+ years leading up it…





Ram Dass – Fierce Grace


Screenshot_2019-06-25 Ram Dass – Fierce Grace.png

Ram Dass – Fierce Grace

Ram Dass (aka Richard Alpert) has been at the forefront of studies in consciousness for over 55 years. Dismissed from Harvard due to the controversial nature of his research with LSD and other phychedelics, he continued with his exploration of human consciousness, which later evolved and transformed upon meeting his Guru in India.

After suffering a massive stroke in 1997, Ram Dass was given the ultimate test. This moving film tells the story of using his own practices to deal with his stroke, his suffering and its alleviation.

“Heartbreaking and inspiring! Counterculture mavens will doubtlessly flip…but even mainstream audiences may find themselves nourished by this generous reflection on a life well lived.” — Stephen Garrett, Time Out New York

“A generous and inspiring film that unfolds with grace and humor and gradually becomes a testament to faith.” — Edward Guthmann, San Francisco Chronicle

“I was not prepared to be as moved as I was by Mickey Lemle’s RAM DASS  FIERCE GRACE.” – Andrew Sarris, NY Observer


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A film by Mickey Lemle

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Schumann Resonance Today – Update ~ June 25, 2019 | Rose Rambles…

Please take a peek at the graph of Schumann Energies who, once again delivered energies from @ 8:30Pm through 2:00AM last night/this morning MST. How are you feeling (?), things are looking up for positive change, and be…

Please take a peek at the graph of Schumann Energies who, once again delivered energies from @ 8:30Pm through 2:00AM last night/this morning MST. How are you feeling (?), things are looking up for positive change, and be…



Schumann Resonance Today. We will try to keep you updated about the variations of the Resonance with this page. The great variations that nobody can explain but that give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like us!

RS Base Frequency 7.83 Hz.

Schumann Resonance Today Peaks:

  • 6/25 17:00 UTC – Today’s most significant activity was concentrated in 5 hours, from 4:30 to 9:30 UTC, during this period there were 5 significant peaks, the highest of which was at 46 Hz. The others were respectively 40, 28, 36 and 33 Hz at about an hour from each other.
  • 6/25 08:30 UTC – Once again the pattern is confirmed, even today moderate activity but higher than yesterday. The amplitude variations had a break from 15 to 21 UTC yesterday and then started again with low values until 4:30 UTC today when they increased to reach what is now the maximum at 46 Hz. followed by two other significant peaks at a short distance at 40 and 28 Hz.
  • 6/24 17:00 UTC – The day continued with moderate activity until 13 UTC when the amplitude values returned to normal. At 9 UTC there has been the highest peak that was at 37 Hz.
  • 6/24 08:30 UTC – It seems to witness again the model, which we have seen several times, of a gradual increase in activity both in frequency amplitude and in the duration of the movements. Today, so far, there have been no major peaks, the largest was 23 Hz at 5:30 UTC, but it was still a continuous movement that started at 21 UTC yesterday and it’s ongoing.
  • 6/23 17:00 UTC – The day continued with moderate activity, the strongest peak remained the one shown just before 2 am Tomsk time corresponding to yesterday’s 20 UTC previously reported. Today at 14 UTC there was another 20 Hz peak at 14 UTC.
  • 6/23 10:00 UTC – Today’s chart shows a sparse activity but but with amplitude values greater than the last days. The first peak occurred at 20 UTC yesterday and reached 36 Hz, this is the strongest so far. A second peak, of lower amplitude but longer duration, occurred from 7 to 9:30 UTC (ongoing) and the maximum amplitude reached was 22 Hz at 9 am.
  • 6/22 17:00 UTC – Another day of light activity, it began at 7 and lasted until 14 UTC with the highest peak at 26 Hz at 7:30 UTC.
  • 6/21 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity shows moderately scattered peaks, the maximum amplitude was 25 Hz at 14:30 UTC.
  • 6/20 17:00 UTC – Calm.
  • 6/20 14:00 UTC – Today it stands out as a day of light activity, the significant variation occurred from 5:45 UTC to 9:30 UTC and during this time, at 8:30 UTC, the highest peak was at 44 Hz.
  • 6/19 17:00 UTC – From 8 UTC, the time of the peak at 55 Hz, the activity continued in a minor way with other peaks one of which, at 11:30 UTC, reached 40 Hz. In the last 3 hours, from 14 UTC, the values returned normal.
  • 6/19 08:30 UTC – There has been no real movement interruption since yesterday at 3 am UTC. The movements were continuous and also very strong, the first in the new chart occurred at 22:15 UTC with an amplitude of 49 Hz. From 2:30 UTC a new series began which led, at 4:30 UTC, to today’s most powerful peak so far and reached 87 Hz. A further peak at 40 Hz occurred at 7:15 UTC followed shortly after by one more at 55 Hz.
  • 6/18 17:00 UTC – After the powerful activity of the previously reported period the day continued with other significant peaks even if of a lower amplitude. The most significant ones were at 9:45 UTC at 46 Hz and at 20:10 UTC at 32 Hz.
  • 6/18 08:00 UTC – Today we’ve already seen a very strong peak in a quite short period of activity. The movements started at 3 UTC and within 2 hours they first reached 67 Hz at 4:30 UTC, then 92 Hz at 06:15 UTC.
  • 6/17 17:00 UTC – The 55 Hz peak reported previously was followed by another at 52 Hz at 11 UTC. After this last, the amplitude quickly returned to normal values.
  • 6/17 13:00 UTC – The calm did not last long, at 23 UTC yesterday the movement started again with two “introductory” peaks just above 20 Hz. What appears to be a powerful activity so far began at 6 UTC with 20 Hz again and then passed at 35 Hz at 7:45 am and to what for now is the strongest peak at 55 Hz at 10 am UTC.
  • 6/16 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity was characterized by calm with the maximum amplitude that reached 10 Hz, this until 15:30 when an isolated peak, lasting about 30 minutes, brought the maximum value to 25 Hz for then return to normal values.
  • 6/15 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity has manifested itself in the form of constant micro peaks from 22 UTC yesterday until 11 am UTC today, the maximum amplitude has reached a low level, 14 Hz.
  • 6/14 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity (from the chart) was moderate but lasted for a long time, around 17 hours, returning to normal values around 13 UTC. The most powerful peak was the one reported previously at 46 Hz.
  • 6/14 09:00 UTC – After the 46 peak reported below it was not calm but moderate activity that continued with peaks, throughout the period, between 15 and 30 Hz.
  • 6/13 17:00 UTC – After 6 hours, from 14 to 20 UTC, during which the amplitude remained “calm” we are seeing an increase of movements with the first one at 20:20 UTC close to 20 Hz. This was followed by a stronger spike at 46 Hz at 22:30 UTC.
  • 6/13 17:00 UTC – The strong activity of today has lasted 8 hours, from 6 to 14 UTC, the central phase is the one that has seen the most powerful peak at 65 Hz. Currently the amplitude values are back to normal.
  • 6/13 10:30 UTC – A massive activity is taking place at this time, the “total white” started quite suddenly at 6 UTC and from 8 UTC is constantly above 40 Hz, the most powerful peaks so far have been at 60 and 65 Hz respectively at 8:30 and 9:30 UTC.
  • 6/12 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity started at 4:30 UTC with peaks rising to 18, 22, 25 Hz. After that, the highest values of today arrived, 28 Hz at 10:50 and 40 Hz at 11:45 UTC followed by another isolated peak at 25 Hz at 10:30 UTC.
  • 6/11 17:00 UTC – The peak at 37 Hz was the strongest today as the activity took place with sporadic peaks between 17 and 20 Hz.
  • 6/11 08:00 UTC – It may seem like a calm day but in reality there have always been small amplitude movements. At 6 UTC instead there was a significant peak at 37 Hz which seems to be the start of today’s activity.
  • 6/10 17:00 UTC – Today there were no significant peaks, the relatively moderate activity continued however throughout the day with the maximum peak reaching 19 Hz at 12:20 UTC.
  • 6/9 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity started quite suddenly at 5:30 UTC and continued for about 7 hours, the strongest peak at this time was at 30 Hz at 8:10 UTC. From 13 UTC the amplitude has returned to normal values.
  • 6/8 17:00 UTC – Today’s most powerful peak occurred at 13:30 UTC in isolated form and reached 46 Hz.
  • 6/8 09:00 UTC – It seems that there can no longer be calm days in succession as before, even today the activity started with two moderate isolated peaks at 20 and 30 Hz at 6:30 and 7:30 UTC. It then continued from 11 UTC with peaks rising to 42 Hz at 8:00 UTC.
  • 6/7 17:00 UTC – Let’s recap the situation, since the “red” coloration started yesterday until the activity break, about 26 hours have passed, that is until yesterday’s 21 UTC. Today the activity started at 6:45 UTC with a peak at 30 Hz. From this moment the activity continued until it reached its highest peak for today at 45 Hz shortly after 11 UTC after which there was a drop towards lower values.
  • 6/6 17:00 UTC – Since the activity began, at 5 UTC, it has continued until now, remaining between 20 and 50 Hz until 12 UTC. This significant activity was followed by approximately 2 hours at relatively low values and then started to increase again from 14 UTC to reach the maximum peak on today’s chart which was 65 Hz at 16:30 UTC.
  • 6/6 09:30 UTC – What we could call “Red” lasted about 10 hours, until a new series of peaks started at 4:30 UTC. The maximum peak so far has been 60 Hz at 5 UTC and was followed by others in rapid succession between 40 and 50 Hz. In the last 4 hours the minimum amplitude was 18 Hz.
  • 6/5 23:30 UTC – This new chart for today shows an unusual situation of difficult explanation, the amplitude is found to be on normal values, the only things that have a relationship with the red shown are the graph of the Quality and the Frequency.
  • 6/5 17:00 UTC – After the 60 Hz peak, the amplitude gradually returned, within 5 hours, to normal values.
  • 6/5 07:30 UTC – There were 14 hours of calm, from 11 to 1 UTC today when a modest peak at 20 Hz has slightly moved the flatness of the amplitude chart. At 5:45 UTC, however, a new movement began and reached initially 55 Hz and was followed at 6:10 UTC by one at 60 Hz which is the strongest so far.
  • 6/4 17:00 UTC – After the strong peak at 83 Hz previously reported we had about 3 hours in which the amplitude registered normal values, at 11 UTC a spike to 35 Hz and then returned to a state of calm.
  • 6/4 07:30 UTC – A new powerful peak occurred, after about 5 hours of calm, at 5 UTC and reached 83 Hz. Once again it seems to witness the pattern of gradual increase in the duration of the variations in amplitude that we have already seen several times in the last times.
  • 6/3 22:00 UTC – Just after midnight on the chart, which corresponds to 17 UTC, there was a new series of peaks that reached 47 and 45 Hz.
  • 6/3 17:00 UTC – The peak at 49 Hz has remained the most powerful of today. The activity lasted 5 and a half hours, from 7:30 to 13 UTC.
  • 6/3 12:30 UTC – After a couple of days of “rest” the activity started again today at 8 UTC with an initial peak at 30 Hz. The amplitude continued to increase until it reached the maximum peak, until now, of 49 Hz at 11 am UTC. May Interactive PDF archive can be viewed/downloaded here.
  • 6/2 17:00 UTC – Today we had four minor peaks, the first on the graph is shown at 21 UTC at 20 Hz, the second just before 2 UTC at 14 Hz, the third at 21 Hz at 10:30 UTC and the last one always at 21 Hz at 13 UTC, all had a short duration. The Images Archive has been updated with May’s images. We will soon post the Interactive PDF.
  • 6/1 17:00 UTC – Calm.
  • We added a new charts below, we’ll try to post it daily to show the actual peaks above 40 Hz.
  • Frequency means how many wave cycle happen in a second, 1 Hz. means 1 cycle per second, 40 Hz. means 40 cycles per second, Amplitude is the size of the vibration, how big is the wave, the chart shows the frequency variation in Hz and the amplitude using the white color.

The Chart time is based on Tomsk – Russia – UTC +7 Source


The Ancient Indian Rishis called 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM. It also happens to be Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm Schumann resonances are named after professor Schumann who was involved in early German secret space program and was later paper-clipped into the United States. The frequencies of Schumann resonances are fairly stable and are mainly defined by the physical size of the ionospheric cavity.   The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma gets excited. Ionospheric plasma excitation happens because of solar activity, thunderstorms, use of scalar plasma weapons and HAARP and lately also when the Light forces are clearing the plasma anomaly.

Schumann Resonance and Micro-Events

This is my opinion on the connection with the soul of the Planet Earth, Gaia, which is happening to a large number of people and which can involve phenomena of various kinds. We are at a time when the Planet, Gaia, is moving towards 5D and there is a feeling that it is nearing completion, this change is happening regardless of what the people living on the planet will do.

There are a number of micro-events going on and the number of people awakening and increasing their vibrational frequency makes the difference on the number of these micro-events and their time frequency, the more people awake the more micro-events number.

I think that what we are experiencing with the Schumann Resonance is connected to the growth of our frequency and to our connection with the terrestrial energy network. It’s a powerful connection and can cause some discomfort sometimes, we’re adjusting our vibrational frequency, we’re tuning in to Gaia’s.

I don’t think there will be what the “Narrative of the Light” calls the Event, let’s say that timeline has changed, there are a series of continuous events, some even on the physical plane; someone in the future may even decide that a particular moment can be called “The Event” but when that happens it will have lost its meaning completely. Schumann Resonance

Disclosure News

Dependencies Amplitudes Schumann Resonance 31-12-2018

Dependencies of Amplitudes Schumann Resonance June 25 2019

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance June 25 2019

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance

Dependencies of Frequency Schumann Resonance June 25 2019

Schumann Resonance Differential Peaks


Schumann Resonance PDF Archives

Read and Download

Images Archive

All the SR daily images in one single pageSee the Images

Explanation of The Chart

What is the Schumann Resonance?

The Herathbeat of Planet EarthRead

Love All

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

William Shakespeare


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Headlines and Updates for June 25, 2019: Sabotage and Sedition from the Invisible Side of Government [videos] ~ June 25, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Can you not see how the left in the US are trying so very hard to both overthrow President Trump, with his ideas of “rightness and wrongness” the left are trying so hard to overthrow? Please read this report from Starship Earth, know exactly who your enemy is, how they are being thwarted, and be…



Did you wonder why we learned that ICE was planning Sunday morning raids in multiple cities on illegal aliens?

You don’t telegraph your intentions to do raids—unless you want
CNN there to document it as they did for the Roger Stone pre-dawn
bust—or unless it’s sabotage. The Deep State has always been about
sabotage since Trump was elected because he is undoing everything they
have done and strive to do.

POTUS had to respond; what else could he do but rescind the order?

Much of what unfolds is clear as mud…

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Trump EPA OKs ‘Emergency’ to Dump Bee-Killing Pesticide on 16 Million Acres

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported last week that in 2018 it issued so-called “emergency” approvals to spray sulfoxaflor—an insecticide the agency considers “very highly toxic” to bees—on more than 16 million acres of crops known to attract bees.


Screenshot_2019-06-25 Trump EPA OKs 'Emergency' to Dump Bee-Killing Pesticide on 16 Million Acres.png

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported last week that in 2018 it issued so-called “emergency” approvals to spray sulfoxaflor—an insecticide the agency considers “very highly toxic” to bees—on more than 16 million acres of crops known to attract bees.

Of the 18 states where the approvals were granted for sorghum and cotton crops, 12 have been given the approvals for at least four consecutive years for the same “emergency.”

Last year the EPA’s Office of the Inspector General released a report finding that the agency’s practice of routinely granting “emergency” approval for pesticides across millions of acres does not effectively measure risks to human health or the environment.

“Spraying 16 million acres of bee-attractive crops with a bee-killing pesticide in a time of global insect decline is beyond the pale, even for the Trump administration,” said Nathan Donley, a senior scientist with the Center for Biological Diversity. “The EPA is routinely misusing the ’emergency’ process to get sulfoxaflor approved because it’s too toxic to make it through normal pesticide reviews.”

Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, the EPA has the authority to approve temporary emergency uses of pesticides, even those not officially approved, if the agency determines it is needed to prevent the spread of an unexpected outbreak of crop-damaging insects, for example. But the provision has been widely abused.

That widespread abuse was chronicled in the Center for Biological Diversity’s recent report, Poisonous Process: How the EPA’s Chronic Misuse of ‘Emergency’ Pesticide Exemptions Increases Risks to Wildlife. The report concludes that emergency exemptions for sulfoxaflor are essentially a backdoor authorization allowing for its ongoing use on millions of acres of crops where exposure to pollinators through contaminated pollen is high. In fact, the so-called “emergencies” cited are routine and foreseeable occurrences.

Previously, in response to a lawsuit by beekeepers, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the EPA’s original registration of sulfoxaflor in 2015. The EPA’s new 2016 registration for sulfoxaflor—purportedly designed to ensure essentially no exposure to bees—excluded crops like cotton and sorghum that are attractive to bees.

A compilation of federal register notices indicates that sulfoxaflor was approved on 16.2 million acres of cotton and sorghum crops in 2018 on an emergency basis. Emergency approvals were granted in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

“The EPA is far too eager to find loopholes to approve harmful pesticides when it should be focusing on keeping people and wildlife safe from those pesticides,” said Donley. “The routine abuse of emergency exemptions has to stop.”

A recent study published in Nature found that sulfoxaflor exposure at low doses had severe consequences for bumblebee reproductive success. The authors cautioned against the EPA’s current trajectory of replacing older neonicotinoids with nearly identical insecticides like sulfoxaflor.

A major study published earlier this month found that more than 41 percent of the world’s insect species are on the fast track to extinction, and that a “serious reduction in pesticide usage” is key to preventing their extinction.


via Trump EPA OKs ‘Emergency’ to Dump Bee-Killing Pesticide on 16 Million Acres – EcoWatch

VP Pence Mocks Democrats After Mexico Deploys 15,000 Troops To U.S. Border: Doing ‘More Than Congressional Dems’ — The Gateway Pundit

Truth2Freedom's Blog

Mexico has deployed 15,000 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border in an aggressive move to stem the flow of illegal aliens into the United States, a move Vice President Mike Pence is decidedly more than Democrats in Congress have done.

“In the northern part of the country, we have deployed a total of almost 15,000 troops composed of National Guard elements and military units,”  Secretary of Defense Luis Sandoval said.

In addition, some 2,000 Mexican National Guard members have been dispatched to Mexico’s southern border with Belize and Guatemala, where there are already nearly 5,000 troops already. Huge caravans of migrants from Central American countries have been walking through Mexico on their way to the U.S. border, which Mexico now says it will seek to stop.

Pence praised Mexico for the move, while also mocking the do-nothing Democrats in Congress.

“Mexico is keeping its promise & now sending 15,000 troops to…

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Iran Increases Cyberattacks Against US Government and Industries

Nwo Report

Iran’s attacks are ‘looking to do much more than just steal data and money…’

Sanctuary Cities Shield 10,000 Illegal Aliens from Terror States

(Alyza Sebenius, Bloomberg News) State-backed Iranian hackers have stepped up cyberattacks on the U.S., according to the Department of Homeland Security’s cyberagency.

There has been a “recent rise in malicious cyberactivity directed at United States industries and government agencies by Iranian regime actors and proxies,” Christopher Krebs, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, said Saturday in a statement.

The news of increased cyberattacks by Iran comes amid heightened tension between the U.S. and Iran dating back to the U.S. withdrawal a year ago from the 2015 nuclear deal. The U.S. has sent additional troops to the Middle East and, on Saturday, President Donald Trump said that the U.S. will impose another round of economic sanctions on Iran.

Days earlier, Trump abruptly called off a plan for airstrikes against the Islamic Republic based on…

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