COVID-19 Corporate Brown Shirts?

COVID-19 has changed the relationship between business and customers from “the customer is always right” to “the customer will COMPLY!”

By Mark Gray —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 18, 2020One of the most shocking lessons of COVID-19 is the realization that many corporations are just as happy doing business in a fascistic system as a capitalist one. The incentive for companies to embrace fascistic tyranny is somewhat understandable considering that draconian lockdowns shut down non-essential competition, thereby forcing those abandoned customers into queues where they can wait in the cold for the privilege of purchasing essential products and services.

Whatever the rationale, there is no argument that the relationship between corporation and customer has changed dramatically post COVID-19, and not for the better. There was a time when businesses spent enormous energy to ensure their customer’s experience was as enjoyable and fruitful as possible. Now, however, restrictions guide the customer experience and expected compliance with government edicts dominate the “customer service” paradigm.

Whether companies admit it or not, their customer service guidelines have been designed by a bureaucracy whose objective is people control, not customer and business satisfaction. We’ll see how many companies to keep COVID centric rules on their customers once forced compliance is removed. For now, the powerful force of the State is wielded by experts whose models are less accurate than US Presidential pollsters, which is why so many of the COVID rules are absurd, incoherent, and inconsistent.

In some instances, the treatment of customers is so abominably cruel and unusual that an impartial observer could conclude that COVID businesses view customers as chattel to be used rather than critical partners freely engaged in the open exchange of goods and services.

The COVID-19 Customer Experience

Where to start? I watched a clip of WestJet kicking a family off a flight because their young child didn’t want to wear a mask. As humiliating as it was for the family, it was illuminating as it showed the COVID customer service paradigm to be grossly contemptuous of people’s rights and dignity. All the WestJet customers on that flight were victims of COVID stupid by a crew likely unaware of COVID’s lethality, particularly among the young. Well done, WestJet.

Customers are treated as if they themselves are the viral scourge in need of elimination

Similarly, I watched two clips featuring Tim Hortons who disparaged Tim’s legacy when they allegedly called the police to accost and fine a paying customer for quietly sitting in their car to enjoy a muffin and coffee. The crime? Being parked in the store lot while eating store purchased goods. In another Timmy’s COVID classic, two Quebec police struggled to subdue and arrest a deadly mask-free donut eater. That is some exceptional customer service right there.

What happens when you go to a grocery store? Depending on the restrictions in place, that joyous experience begins with closed entrances, followed by queuing up like cattle, then you’re met with mask and sanitizing requests to contain the infection that you are, exhorted to follow arrows down aisles you don’t need, diligently pushed to keep a safe distance from every other diseased customer, and do not, in any circumstances, perform a quality check on produce you are not committed to purchase. Then, when heading to check out you find that several self-service stations are closed for your convenience, and when one opens, before you can scan your first item, COVID safety personnel rush to clean the machine of the dirty infection that last used it.

In short, customers are treated as if they themselves are the viral scourge in need of elimination. Out with you, filthy vermin! By doing so, we’ve effectively transformed society into a gigantic leper colony except we don’t know who is and isn’t a danger to others, so we’re encouraged to fear everyone and everything in great measure.

The COVID-19 Conclusion

COVID-19 is a political fraud. It was launched to take out Trump but failed spectacularly as the President increased his 2016 winning vote totals by 10 million votes. This forced the Deep State to engage in electoral fraud of unimaginable proportions, and they may yet get away with it. If they do, COVID fascism is here to stay, but if they don’t, Trump will crush the pandemic and those attempting to use it to implement global government.

There are thousands of doctors around the world willing to speak the truth about COVID mortality, but they are drowned out by Fake News. Nearly 35,000 medical practitioners and over 12,000 medical and public health scientists created The Great Barrington Declaration calling for governments to end harmful lockdowns and other unhelpful measures. []

Yet, corporations and their employees are more than happy to slap masks on children and help government destroy their neighbour’s jobs, businesses, futures, and even long held cultural traditions like weddings, funerals, Calgary Stampede, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The worst part of the entire fiasco is they do so from a position of complete and utter ignorance.

So far, there have been 11,086 recorded COVID deaths in Canada. If those statistics are anything like the Centre for Disease Control in the US, those numbers reflect COVID related deaths, not COVID caused deaths. In other words, those deaths include the obese, 85-year-old diabetics with heart disease and high blood pressure.

Healthy people under 40 are virtually immune

Even with the inflated death counts, 11,086 fatalities from a total population of 37.59 million (2019) equates to a mortality rate of .000295. Put another way, 99.97% of Canadians have survived the “pandemic”, and over 70% of those deaths happened to people over 80 years of age. 

Only 3% of COVID fatalities occur in people under 60, though they account for 65% of the cases – “cases” being the new panic number.


Healthy people under 40 are virtually immune, so the closing of schools and sporting facilities has nothing to do with safety, and the Government and media know it. They simply like absolute power more than they like you.

Corporations fail more than their customers when they blindly enforce fascistic government decrees, they do serious damage to themselves and our culture of Freedom as well.

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