The “Seat of Satan” Moved from Pergamum to Berlin Germany: Will This Become the Throne of Antichrist?

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I wrote this article a few years ago and felt to bring it out again with some updates. This museum which had been open to the public announced that it would close in September of 2014 for five years. They offered no reason.

The cost of some renovations doubled what was initially thought. They gave 2019 as the year for the reopening. Now they have pushed that to 2023.

Brethren, I am just pondering on this Evil monument which mesmerized both Hitler and Obama. Could this possibly be the site from where Antichrist rules the world? I think that it is not out of the realm of possibilities.

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I wrote my last article on the Seven churches to whom our Lord Jesus wrote; telling each what they had done well, but also what He hadagainst them. When I got to the church of Pergamum, I was…

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