Great Britain Learns its Virus Tests Have Been Tainted with Covid-19

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Recently we have seen untold numbers of Republicans testing positive for Covid-19. Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is this: How did the Virus single out Conservative Republicans?

I have pondered this for weeks, searching the Internet for possible clues. I think that I have found it!

“Not only has the testing been waylaid but there is no way of knowing how this occurred.” OH REALLY? Should we assume that this was a mistake? The bad actors in our world who work for Bill Gates, Tony Fauci et al have done this evil deed.

Now I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Republicans were targeted with contaminated swab kits!

And another thought: How can the American people or people from all over the world TRUST anyone testing them?

From This was published in April.

One of the constants in this era of viral discord the…

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