As Facebook and Twitter Declare WAR on Free Speech: Ex-Facebook Honcho Tim Kendall Says Big Tech is a ‘Threat to Democracy,’

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I am certainly not the only one who is being watched and censored on Facebook and other Social Media Platforms.

If I write a piece and the title has ‘Covid’ in it – immediately FB places a shield of sorts over the article which says that it is probably not true.

Yesterday, I posted the breaking news about Obama, Hillary, Biden and Brennan and their involvement with the murder of Seal Team Six. Within 5 minutes, the FB shield was up – claiming that the story was most likely fake news.

The Left have the News Media as their journalistic arm. And they have Social Media as their Internet/ cyber arm.

Brethren, this is totally out of control and illegal. I know that I am being watched closely. I also know that people like me (Conservative Christian writers) will not have an easy time if the Left prevail in November.

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