How My Mind Was Changed: Thoughts On the 2020 Election

Musings On The Right

If you clicked on my somewhat purposefully deceptive title in the hopes that I will be voting for your candidate, you will be disappointed. Neither candidate seems fit for power, but I do want to quickly outline how my views have changed on politics since the last election, specifically on ideology and on the necessity of politics in general.

From 2016 To Now: An Ideological Shift

Leaving college, I was more or less the average Republican voter. If you asked me who I admired most in politics I would have said Senator John McCain, though I also harbored a sympathy for Senator Rand Paul’s blend of conservatism and libertarianism.

Then 2016 happened. I left the GOP because, by February, I looked around and saw a process that simply didn’t represent me. The nomination of Trump, with all its ascendant ugliness was incredibly disappointing. But more importantly, it made me realize…

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