Is There A Virus Covid 19? It Has Never Been Identified! In A Word NO!

Truth To Power

The Test For Covid 19 Is Searching For Any Genetic Material, Not Covid 19, Which Does Not Exist. What The So Called Tests Are Finding Are Exosomes, These Are The Immune Systems Response To Detoxification. When They Claim To Have Have Diagnosed Covid 19 What They Have Actually Discovered Are These Exosomes, Which Is The Immune Systems Natural Response. These Exosomes Respond To Stress, Fear, Toxins, Electromagnetic Fields (5G). What Is Claimed To Be Covid 19 Is Actually Just A Normal Immune System Response, Nothing More! There Is No Pandemic Virus, Just a Normal Influenza, Complicated By 5G Radiation. 5G Cripples The Immune System Turning A Normal Influenza Into Pneumonia.

 Public Incredulity Is A Key Defence Mechanism Protecting The Globalist Luciferian Cabal And its Gofers From Exposure. This is Captured In The Reaction: ’They Would Never Do That’. Oh, But They Would And The More Horrific And Unspeakable The…

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