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We understand from President Trump that we are in the eye of the storm now, so prepare for the next blast.

My Internet is worse than ever so I am having difficulty streaming videos. Just a heads up that my other half got an email this morning claiming that due to the Kung Flu/CV-19/SARS-CV2 you have to have a letter from a hospital to be out and about and not get arrested and gave a website to go and get a copy of the letter to give you permission. That has to be a bogus email/website.

Sec. Pompeo warned us in the White House CV update today about sources of false information, as well, including from China, Russia, and Iran disparaging how America is handling the CV issue. Say no to “fake news”. President Trump and Sec. Pompeo both went after the media performance today about their lack of accuracy in reporting. POTUS is wearing a red tie again today. Just sayin’.

Smooth move? Natasha says so—in less than 1 minute. Ha!

Sean Spicer At Press Conference – Awesome

In this information war we can see and hear that we get different/conflicting information from each of what we consider our top sources. Simon Parkes brings an update on what is unfolding in the UK with respect to the “lockdown”, the military preferences, special forces arresting specific targets, failure to take the threat seriously, frequency, etc. He may do these much more frequently.

Simon reports he has reasonably credible intel saying they might lose the cell phone network and Internet, but not land lines. An interesting update. Thank you, Simon. His website is here.

2020 03 20 Update – Simon Parkes

Thomas Williams says the globalists were going to declare martial law in America this week, but when they learned it would put Kim (not Trump) in charge they decided not to go that route. That is according to the hierarchy chart of the bloodline families which we have shared in the past.

The plan was to starve out the American People. The shortages were not only due to panic shopping, but to the NWO confiscating stock and removing it from store shelves. When we say they’ve been controlling the world, we mean it quite literally. They used weather manipulation to destroy key food producing areas by flood and drought.

Thomas said the stores will be restocked in the next day or so but hit them first thing in the morning when they open to get your supplies. I can confirm that in my East Valley store here in Arizona. I went at 11:00 a.m. and many shelves were already empty while employees told me they had been fully stocked the night before. They said we had to go at 6 a.m. when they open to get eggs, cleaners, ground beef, a few specific breads, and probably other things. I just made a few mental notes.

You can listen to the THI update from last night March 19 here. Hour two, I believe.

A lot of different people have a lot of different ideas about who should be in charge of this planet and why. Once the psychopaths and predators are removed, the People will decide how to govern ourselves.

It is now officially spring in the northern hemisphere. Whatever is going on with the energies? Did the Spring Equinox signal a shift? The most incendiary dimms out there are praising Trump—including Ilhan Omar!

Ilhan Omar Lauds Trump’s ‘Incredible’ Response to Coronavirus — ‘Unprecedented Leadership’

Breibart is conducting a poll asking if anyone we know has the coronavirus. We know one thing: the information the Black and White Hats want out there will get out. Top Secrets are still secrets. Whatever information we have, the White Hats don’t mind the enemy having. It was put out for a reason using specific channels.

Some of the people “representing us” in Washington are despicable. Unfortunately, the wheels turn slowly in the Dept. of Justice and big names are still “free” as far as optics go.

Senators Sold Stocks After Receiving Briefings on New Virus From China

Dianne Feinstein, 3 Senate colleagues sold off stocks before coronavirus crash: reports


Gene C. is back with Cirsten for a blockbuster update on DUMB removal operations, CV-19, celebrities and house arrest, chemtrails, the financial situation and other topics of note. It sounds like Oprah wasn’t technically arrested—but her house was, and the feds are doing some digging—on her property.

Gene Decode #8 64% of the Deep Military Underground Bases gone, Adrenochrome ,Original HRC dead



This is an interesting article, too, about what we see unfolding and why. Thanks, J.

Trump War Power Move Shows Coronavirus “Catalyst Event” Has Now Unleashed “Massive Reckoning


Clinton’s Evil Princess Pal SENTENCED TO 13 YEARS IN PRISON


We did say that the migrants would probably be used to introduce the disease to targeted countries.

Migrant Labor Was to Blame For Coronavirus Spread in Both Iran & Italy

Frank Vaughan reports from near Toronto on a number of points from his perspective. The military hardware footage starts at 6:19.

Again, we have medical staff (Toronto ER doctor) telling us that people who are a-symptomatic are inadvertently spreading the disease. That is why we are told to stay home and away from other people. Is it true? We don’t know—but do we want to take the chance of infecting vulnerable people and causing more community spread? I don’t want that on my conscience. He recommends we lock up ourselves and our family in our homes and have zero contact with anyone for at least 14 days.

FPV #159 – COVID19 Army Movement, Toronto E.R. Doctor’s Message, Treatments, And More 03/20/2020


This is not positive news. Where did the vaccine come from? How could they have one so fast? It can’t have gone through rigourous trials yet. Is this just setting the stage and “enabling” despite the fact there isn’t yet a vaccine?

Denmark Passes Law Enabling Forced Coronavirus Vaccinations

I need to get this out so I’ll finish with this video update from And We Know.  Hugs, everyone.  ~ BP

AWK News 3.20.20: Real [DS] Panic comes in form of last resort.


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