Hillary Clinton’s super secret email @fb.com found

American Intelligence Media

To successfully take out the enemy, it is imperative that information warriors determine their method of communication so that it can be blown up to smithereens.

The miners at AFI took up Betsy’s challenge to find out how they communicate electronically. Let’s see how the swamp reacts when their channel of communication is busted up, leaving them in the darkness of confusion.

Betsy asked: How do the Pilgrims Society and its foot soldiers, like Senior Executive Services, communicate electronically, yet “off the grid” around the world

Answer from the AFI team: Special Facebook email.

(e.g., USgovernment@fb.com)

Listen to Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain Hillary Clinton’s super secret way of communicating…until now.

We Busted Them!

Hillary Clinton SUPER SECRET emails FOUND!

From Hillary Clinton’s private email server; Proof of obstruction of justice and fraud in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement trial then underway

From the U.S. State…

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