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Starship 7 reporting in:

Get up, get up

Get a move on

Get up, get up


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Patriots request a statement or tweet from the White House on this matter about the UN.

UN “Disarming” US Civilians – Mass Detainment CAMPS


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“Your reporting about the growing numbers in the militia create a clear and present threat to America.  As part of Congress, I’m giving you fair warning that this is the equivalent of shouting ‘fire’ in a movie theater.  If your reporting incites violence, or can even be tied to it, we will make sure to charge your editors with felonies,” wrote the person. READ MORE


virginia fightersvirginia road trip gungun control virginia.JPG.

AlwaysPositiveVibes posts:

When they banned guns in the UK we queued up to hand them over. You guys are literally running to buy more. I swear…

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