Alicia Keys: “Who Rules the World?” Michelle Obama Points Down to Satan Live at Grammy Awards (Video)

Alicia Keys at the 2019 Grammy Awards stands with Michelle Obama on stage asking the question: “Who Rules the World?”

Michelle (aka. Michael) Obama responds by pointing straight down with her index finger – the audience cheers as Alicia then takes a deep breath and states “I’m taking it; excuse me.”  As if she is receiving her breath/spirit/energy from beneath!

They put it right in front of our faces live at the Grammy Awards!  Although some would consider this a coincidence, you are going to want to view ALL of the evidence presented in this video before making your final conclusion.  There is WAY MORE TO THIS!



Description: This is a MUST SEE Video to the End… You Will Be Jumping for Joy by the Time You Finish it… Did you Hear Alicia Keys say ‘Who Runs the World?” Michael/Michele Obama Pointed with her Finger to the pit… The Lord Gave Me ALL the PROOF to SHOW THEM WRONG!!!! All Glory to the Lord God… Who Used to Play Hide& Seek ?? You want to See Something TRULY AMAZING???!!! Watch the Whole thing

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