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Evil Spirits in the Swamp. They Go Forth. 5G


Get Involved. Citizens must educate Donald Trump on the dangers of 5G. Apparently, Ajit Pai and Ivanka are clueless. Why is it that Mar-a-Lago (Palm Beach) does not permit 5g towers? Or how about Rome, Brussels, CityofLondon. What do the rich elites and globalists know that they aren’t willing to share with the regular folks?

Has POTUS heard from you and your family?

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5g banner from SOTN

Wetware soft kill The Queen’s SERCO is killing us with chemtrails and 5G – it’s the extermination cocktail for all humanity.


We are really at a pivotal moment of the American Republic. Either We the People terminate 5G … or 5G will terminate US.  Source


Are the Deagel population predictions making sense? It will be a quiet death for humanity as the elites and globalists take us out. We wonder how many…

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