Finland Government Collapses & Why the Media is Silent | Armstrong Economics

John Barleycorn

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your movie the Forecaster was on TV here in Scandinavia. That introduced me to your research. When I discovered your film was on TV in Europe, Canada, and Asia, but not the United States, that merely confirmed the corruption in New York. Here in Finland healthcare is comprehensive and it is taking down the government. On Friday, the government in Finland collapsed after it was unable to reform healthcare. Every aspect you have written about is unfolding. Why will mainstream media not report your success? UVH ANSWER: Healthcare is destroying Western Civilization for the costs are far too high. Because they have been subsidized by the government, they have not been subjected to the normal business cycle. They just always have their hand out in uptrends and down. The government in Finland resigned on Friday after they failed to come up with reform to cut costs in…

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