Deep State Fails Coup Attempt

American Intelligence Media

POTUS says “It’s an attempted coup”



tt wires tapped.

Take a twitter pulse on James Comey and John Brennan. Any action from these traitors?


obama spied.

obama spied 2.

So who is behind the failed coup? We all know here at the American Intelligence Media, but will have to wait for the Limbaughs, Hannitys, and Pirros of the fake news world to catch up and start producing REAL NEWS. It was British espionage and American treason. Please, stop with all the sugar coating and start reporting ALL of the news!

Why hasn’t the very popular Judge Pirro reported on Alison Saunders’ Dinner with the Ohrs? Why hasn’t Rush reported on Sir Richard Dearlove and Geoffrey Pattie’s role in the coup? Why is Hannity always so far behind the narrative…he hasn’t even reported on the relationship that Robert Mueller had with British Arvinder Sambei from 911- right up to the special…

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