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Oops…they forgot to add Mueller’s coup d’etat partner in crime Arvinder Sambei to their cozy little group below. She was directing Mueller and his council behind the scenes.

The FBI-Mueller-Sambir/Sambei Connection Exposed

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40 FBI Agents Couldn’t Find Crime in their Own Workplace!

You know…those 40 FBI agents that cannot find major crimes and treason right under their own roof!! If 40 professional FBI agents can’t find crime within their own ranks, how are they serving the American people? What we see is a very clear picture: The FBI only exists to protect the criminals in the swamp. It must be closed down and its operations scattered to 50 states. Centralization of power leads to ultimate corruption.


Stages of dying…for the Democrat Party. AIM Patriot Matt calls it out. The Dems are a dying party.


Just heard MSNBC pays Rachel Maddow $7 mil a year. The average salary for…

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