Common Core Sited as Reason for Test Scores Plummeting Nationwide

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Ever since Common Core Standards (CCS for the rest of this article) Cirriculum was  implemented in public schools in most states; there has been outrage by teachers, students and parents. The push for Common Core began in the United Nations. Bill Gates threw many thousands of dollars at this initiative. He and his wife didn’t care. The schools where their children attended did not have CCS.

I wrote my first article on CCS in 2015:

Common Core Standards: Your Child is Being Taught to Be an Obedient Globalist   < click to read article

Excerpts from the article:

By now, most people have heard of “Common Core.” Many students and families have been negatively impacted by this so-called “National Education Initiative.” Kids who were  A and B students before Common Core was implemented in their schools, are now struggling and their grades falling.

This has hit our family personally. Our…

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