Hollywood to Georgia: The Babies Die or We Walk!

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Those of us who live in Flyover Country have a lot of ignorant preconceptions about our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in Hollywood. Such as: They’re a bunch of self-important clowns who really hate unborn babies. Where in the world would we get a silly idea like that?

Rodney Ho, Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

More than 40 Hollywood celebrities signed a letter sent to the Georgia House Speaker David Ralston and Georgia governor Brian Kemp Thursday morning saying they will push TV and film production companies to abandon Georgia if the “heartbeat” abortion bill is signed into law.

Among those who signed the letter: Alec Baldwin, Amy Schumer, Gabrielle Union, Rosie O’Donnell, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Essence Atkins, Uzo Aduba, Christina Applegate, Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, Atlanta native David Cross, Don Cheadle, Mia Farrow, Colin Hanks, Bradley Whitford and Amber Tamblyn…

The letter opens by complimenting the state as being hospitable with “friendly and caring people” and hotels and restaurants that are “comfortable and of high quality.”

You know the one thing all those actors have in common? None of them were aborted.

How’s that for chutzpah? A bunch of Hollywood big shots move their production facilities to another state that gives them generous tax incentives, and then they start pushing around the locals. They swoop in, make their big dumb superhero movies and such, and then start pontificating about which laws their benefactors should pass. They’re just carpetbaggers with more expensive luggage.

And these actors make sure to be as condescending about it as possible: “But hey, don’t get us wrong… you ignorant backwoods rubes sure do run some nice hotels!”

If you don’t like it, go back to California, you arrogant, privileged A-holes. Then you can kill all the babies you want.


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Neon Revolt 3-31-19… Excerpt from “They Want the Keys to the Kingdom! Unmasking #ObamaInWhiteFace @PeteButtigieg…” (or, “Why all the deep staters are going to New Zealand”

Kauilapele's Blog

Posting this excerpt for awareness only. Saw this article when I resubscribed to @NeonRevolt on Gab, and it’s a very long and involved article, so I didn’t read the entire thing yet, but the part about New Zealand was fascinating to me. And it rather “hit” that the recent false flag shooting in New Zealand was part of a plan to prepare the country for receiving a number of deep state players, as a “hideout” from possible criminal prosecutions. Absolutely fascinating!

And a great example of how the deep state invents a term, then “weaponizes” it, to use against those who are opposed to their deep state plans (namely, Trump).

If you have not too much time for this, just go and read the image an Anon posted about this.

Pete Buttigieg is mentioned here, who is an apparent possible Dem 2020 candidate. He is apparently gay, speaks 7…

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Headlines and Updates for March 26, 2019: Truth, Justice & the American Way [videos]

Did you watch any Fox coverage yesterday? Now that Trump is vindicated, Sean Hannity was on fire and the analysts, anchors and commentators barbequed the deep state network lamestream liars.

Mark Levin was epic and unrestrained. It was fabulous to hear so much truth and it sounded more like the speech that got Trump elected than a mainstream media outlet. Kudos to the gang.

Hannity wasn’t celebrating, however. He was incensed and reminded Americans that the fake news media outright lied to them, over and over and they should be outraged, as he is.

A number of people are echoing the President’s statement that this cannot ever happen to another President and Sean was one of them. I think they’re going to pass that one many times and kick it through the goal posts.

They played clips of various pathetic, treasonous talking heads at other networks stating blatant lies as fact and it was shocking how much of it there was. Not having watched television news I wasn’t aware just how bad it was. Hannity is one of the most influential figures in the MSM, however, and he’s going to set people straight.

In fact, he tells us he will not rest until justice is done involving those responsible for the treasonous acts of the conspirators, the Clintons, etc. and the multitude of crimes are addressed as they should have been. He also pointed out that the majority of the men and women comprising the FBI are patriots and were thoroughly disgusted with the actions of the upper echelon.

I think this “moment of truth”, watershed, pinnacle event may be why Fox went out of their way to maintain their “fair and balanced” stance even when they had folks on the air who were not accurate in their opinions because they were based on false facts due to the conspiracy to destroy the President. If they had been all pro-Trump it would have “repelled” the non-Trumpers and would not have been viewed as neutral or credible.

Now they can come out with guns blazing and destroy the other networks if they do it right. If they continue to feature people spewing nonsense they will remain political entertainment and a source of more fake news. They have an opportunity to set themselves apart now, but I’m not holding my breath. Do we really need so much drama?

Regardless, though, the climate in television news just got a breath of fresh air and the patriots are coming out of the closet, blowing their trumpets and brandishing the sword of truth.

Sean Hannity Fox News 3/25/19 | Sean Hannity March 25, 2019


There are new Q crumbs to nibble on if you’re so inclined today.


More good news…

House Dems Fail to Override Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Tired of winning yet, America?

Breaking News: Justice Department sides with court ruling Obamacare invalid

Meanwhile, the Brits are in deep doo-doo as they fight their treasonous lawmakers ignoring their mandate to exit the EU and messing with Internet self-expression.

EU lawmakers approve controversial copyright reform


This just in. I thought they were grounded…

Southwest’s Boeing 737 MAX emergency lands in Florida after engine problem – FAA


Dave has his finger on the pulse of the world as he watches the financial and geopolitical developments and he’s quite accurate at predicting what will happen and interpreting Q drops.

Dark Clouds Have Been Lifted, Everything Moves Forward – Episode 1824a

Keep An Eye On The Sword, Nobody Walks Away From This – Episode 1824b

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Louisiana: New American Food Stamp Fraudster Allegedly Hired a Hit Man to Kill Baby in the Womb

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

What the heck is going on in Alexandria, Louisiana?  Just yesterday we gave you an update of a Middle Easterner ripping off Medicaid thereand now comes news via Creeping Sharia that another man who appears to be of Middle Eastern ethnicity is in big time trouble with the law on two fronts.

Louisiana food stamp fraudMohammad Z. Abudayeh! How did he get into the US is what I want to know!

The alleged perpetrator of two crimes, Mohammad Z. Abudayeh, is 25-years-old and already owns a convenience store.

I hope federal investigators are going beyond just busting food stamp fraud and are trying to figure out where the money is coming from that allows new American creeps like this to invest in stores I believe for the sole purpose of scamming us—infidel taxpayers!

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SPLC President Richard Cohen Resigns! Good Riddance!

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

….allegations of discrimination in “mission-driven” organizations, which suffer from the same problems they purport to fight, can be especially painful. [ya think!]

(Tina Tchen)

However, Cohen’s departure is not the end of the hateful Southern Poverty Law Centeras the board has hired former Michelle Obama chief of staff, Tina Tchen, to investigate so that the board can try to clean up the mess.

tinatchen_withpotusandflotus-smallforweb Tchen with FLOTUS and POTUS: “I am honored to be asked by SPLC to do this work,” Tchen said. “I have admired it from afar for many years. It’s an important civil justice institution in our country.”

Most days I get up eager to hit the keyboard with the latest frauds, crooks and cons stories, but today I am especially excited.

When my feet hit the floor (and with coffee in hand), I couldn’t wait to share the news about the internal chaos at the SPLC!

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New Zealand Fails to Offer Sanctuary to Any Christian Refugees From Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq

In the 12 months up to 31 October 2018, the country gave sanctuary to 1,019 refugees. Of these 277 were from Syria, 105 from Afghanistan and seven from Iraq ­– and all were Muslims.

Jacinda Ardern meets with members of the Muslim community at a refugee center in Christchurch, the day after 50 people were killed in a shooting at two mosques. – Photo: AP

Government figures released to Barnabas Fund show that no Christians from Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq were granted the right to resettle in New Zealand last year.

In the 12 months up to 31 October 2018, the country gave sanctuary to 1,019 refugees. Of these 277 were from Syria, 105 from Afghanistan and seven from Iraq ­– and all were Muslims.

Figures for previous years, obtained by Barnabas Fund under the Official Information Act, are equally bleak. In 2016, only six Christians were among the 377 Syrians granted sanctuary, and in the five weeks up to 10 February 2017 no Christians were among the 45 Syrians, all Muslims, who were allowed to settle. Christians made up 10% of the population of Syria before the war.

A spokesman for Jacinda Ardern’s Labour government said refugees were considered for resettlement in New Zealand on the basis of “their protection needs and not religious affiliation”.

The UK government is also facing “embarrassment” over the tiny minority of Christian Syrians offered sanctuary in Britain.

Figures obtained by Barnabas Fund under a Freedom of Information request show that out of 4,850 Syrian refugees accepted for resettlement by the Home Office in 2017, only eleven were Christian, representing just 0.2% of all Syrian refugees accepted by the UK.

An article in UK’s Sunday Times on 20 January said that the finding “appears to discriminate in favour of Muslims” and “risks embarrassing the government” at a time when the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has ordered a government review into the UK’s response to the global persecution of Christians.

Source: Barnabas Fund


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Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton Classified E-mails Revealed

American Intelligence Media

Former British PM Tony Blair’s financial empire & the treasonous Hillary Clinton played fast and loose with America’s sovereignty

“. . . making globalism work” (Tony Blair Institute, Dec. 2016)

Former British PM Tony Blair secret (and CLASSIFIED) correspondence about Palestine with Hillary on her private server was discovered in latest FOIA release to Judicial Watch

Not counting Blair’s hidden London “nominee” holdings (probably offshore accounts), former British MP Tony Blair has reported at least £139,904,000 income and more than 233 relationships that are now tainted by his conspiracy with Hillary Clinton’s treason while Secretary of State

U.S. State Department FOIA PART II, PDF Pages 374-375. (Feb. 01, 2019). Judicial Watch v. U.S. Departmentof State, Case No. F-2016-07895, Doc. No. C06162980, Date: 09/26/2018, emails Oct 18 00687-1, 380-pgs. Judicial Watch.


Tony Blair

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

ACL Blair


tony blair

British Prime Minister (1997-2007)
Fully supported the Bush…

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