Hollywood to Georgia: The Babies Die or We Walk!

By Jim Treacher March 29, 2019 (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File) Those of us who live in Flyover Country have a lot of ignorant preconceptions about our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in Hollywood. Such as: They're a bunch of self-important clowns who really hate unborn babies. Where in the world would we get a … Continue reading Hollywood to Georgia: The Babies Die or We Walk!

Headlines and Updates for March 26, 2019: Truth, Justice & the American Way [videos]

March 26, 2019 by Starship Earth: The Big Picture Did you watch any Fox coverage yesterday? Now that Trump is vindicated, Sean Hannity was on fire and the analysts, anchors and commentators barbequed the deep state network lamestream liars. Mark Levin was epic and unrestrained. It was fabulous to hear so much truth and it … Continue reading Headlines and Updates for March 26, 2019: Truth, Justice & the American Way [videos]

Louisiana: New American Food Stamp Fraudster Allegedly Hired a Hit Man to Kill Baby in the Womb

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

What the heck is going on in Alexandria, Louisiana?  Just yesterday we gave you an update of a Middle Easterner ripping off Medicaid thereand now comes news via Creeping Sharia that another man who appears to be of Middle Eastern ethnicity is in big time trouble with the law on two fronts.

Louisiana food stamp fraudMohammad Z. Abudayeh! How did he get into the US is what I want to know!

The alleged perpetrator of two crimes, Mohammad Z. Abudayeh, is 25-years-old and already owns a convenience store.

I hope federal investigators are going beyond just busting food stamp fraud and are trying to figure out where the money is coming from that allows new American creeps like this to invest in stores I believe for the sole purpose of scamming us—infidel taxpayers!

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SPLC President Richard Cohen Resigns! Good Riddance!

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

….allegations of discrimination in “mission-driven” organizations, which suffer from the same problems they purport to fight, can be especially painful. [ya think!]

(Tina Tchen)

However, Cohen’s departure is not the end of the hateful Southern Poverty Law Centeras the board has hired former Michelle Obama chief of staff, Tina Tchen, to investigate so that the board can try to clean up the mess.

tinatchen_withpotusandflotus-smallforweb Tchen with FLOTUS and POTUS: “I am honored to be asked by SPLC to do this work,” Tchen said. “I have admired it from afar for many years. It’s an important civil justice institution in our country.”

Most days I get up eager to hit the keyboard with the latest frauds, crooks and cons stories, but today I am especially excited.

When my feet hit the floor (and with coffee in hand), I couldn’t wait to share the news about the internal chaos at the SPLC!

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