Dancing with Democratic Devils: Pelosi on the “Wrap Up Smear”

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

As the years go by, we have seen an alliance between Leftist liberals and Islamists.  At first glance one may ask “What do these people have in common?”

It’s not rocket science.  A rabid hatred of America is the common thread, and these despicable haters have very similar tactics to attempt to destroy our Republic.

Taqiyya is used in Islam

What is taqiyya?  It is from the Qur’an and it gives the followers of Islam free license to Lie  as long as the lie will further the cause of Islam.  All of these Muslim organizations i.e. CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Council of America and many others use taqiyya on a regular basis.  It is as natural as breathing.

After a horrific Jihadi attack on the West, members of all of the seemingly peaceful Islamic organizations come before the press and strongly denounce the terror attacks and even give their…

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