Cavern Systems in Antarctica Are Hiding A HUGE Secret That Will Amaze You



Published on Nov 23, 2018

As a result of a secret agreement reached between the Eisenhower Administration and a German breakaway group in Antarctica, a transnational corporate space program began to emerge. The secret infusion of personnel and resources from US contractors into Antarctica allowed this transnational corporate program to steadily grow into a major space power, eventually eclipsing the other secret space programs and the classified space programs of other nations. Dr. Michael Salla will discuss evidence of large research and development facilities built in huge natural cavern systems under the Antarctic ice sheets.
He will examine claims that many of the classified programs conducted there in contravention of the 1961 Antarctic Treaty. Dr. Salla will expose the corporations involved in these programs, and how the truth is hidden from company shareholders. Finally, he will discuss how Antarctica’s secrets are slowly being revealed by increased volcanic activity that is melting the massive ice shelves exposing ancient artifacts and crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft.

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Whatever It Was, It Was REAL!

Published on Nov 23, 2018

A stunning discovery from 2 legendary researchers, 10 years ago they embarked on an epic journey to uncover the truth behind #Plato‘s testament, what they uncovered has shook the World, Visiting Atlantis is the ground breaking Documentary that has shed more light than anything else on the truth behind our obsession with Atlantis
Greenland Impact Crater video is Courtesy of NASA Atlantis near the #Atlas mountains by Neptunes Lagoon… Narration by BuzWeaver: Music is Lonely Troutman II from YT Audio Library #RichatStructure, #EyeoftheSahara, #Plato


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History Repeating Itself: What Caused the Fall of the Roman Empire? A ‘Migrational’ Crisis

Forced Migration was planned

Forced migration, which began in 2015, was part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Since we know that the U.N. and George Soros have an end game (Globalization – NWO) we can see clearly that the forced migration was not done for humane reasons. This was done as a process of destabilizing nations.

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

A dear sister in Christ sent me a very interesting video.  I watched it in its entirety.

The man narrating the video brought up some very alarming facts from history.  I will not be embedding this video into my article for one reason.  The narrator is Seventh Day Adventist and obviously had an agenda.

But nonetheless, he provided some very important and astonishing historical facts relating to what is happening in Europe and especially in America right now.

Watch President Trump as he tells the press about “The Calm before the Storm.”

When the press asked repeatedly what “Storm” the president was referring to, Trump simply said “You’ll find out”

 What caused the fall of the Roman Empire?

The reader is encouraged to check this for yourself on Google:

Just go there and type in “What caused the fall of the Roman Empire?”

Here is a screen shot of…

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Changes that are coming – The Final Wakeup Call

The Deep State’s control is fast coming to an end

The centuries-long tyrannical regime is reaching its termination stage


Thousands of centuries of criminal extortion

The Deep State’s control is fast coming to an end. They never expected this, so they are not prepared for it. Their lackeys – the puppets – in governments all over the world will find themselves in deep trouble. They are being believed less and less with every passing day. They are being exposed and must eventually face the wrath of the people whose lives they have maliciously exploited. President Trump, on his short visit to England, was there for only one reason: to confront the Queen of England with her malevolence and to demand the return of all that was stolen, to which the Queen agreed.


He didn’t want pomp and ceremony. He has the respect of all who seek truth. It was a pity that there were those in England who set out to disrespect him. They were either paid for it by Gorge Soros, or displaying their own ignorance about what is going on in our world. President Trump deserves every respect and success in his endeavour to free the world from the criminal mafia that has terrorised and exploited the populace for thousands of centuries.


Politics is a dirty game. President Trump is not a politician, so he is free to follow his conscience. This is why there is such a huge effort to remove him from office. There have been to date over a dozen assassination attempts. The Cabal is petrified of him because they cannot control him. Never in the history of our world has there been such an effort to remove a President from his Office. The Cabal is ruthless and desperate to hold on to their power and control, which again is why numerous assassination attempts have been undertaken. To fulfil this monstrous task, you must really be driven and totally convinced of the ability to improve the world for all of humanity, for it is the most ungrateful job to fulfil. There is no glamour and money involved, commonly belonging to such a position.


People will be shocked to learn the extent of the Cabal’s control over them. Every aspect of our lives is covered. Even in the world of sports, where it is believed that the best man, woman, or team wins. Be assured it is often decided in advance by them, because they are the owners of the game, and have set their huge bets on their designated winner. They never leave anything to chance. They control all; much more than you ever can imagine.


Exposing the Truth

The change cannot occur until all governments cease to use chemtrails, which destroy humanity and the crops people depend on for their survival. No one should be forced to be vaccinated, especially not our lovely children. Drugs that eventually kill patients should be removed immediately. The full extent of the Satanic Ritual Abuse and killings must be fully exposed and outlawed. Respect for men, women and children, should be the norm. These are the goals we should all intend to achieve. Many freelance investigative reporters are fighting the cabal via the internet. ‘It has become an army of digital soldiers’ that are fighting the cabal and all oppressive forces around us, to inform the awoken public about the progress made.


These are citizens like yourselves that cannot withstand the call to expose the truth. There is no option of being helpless and standing by as a spectator, while knowing the extent of the corruption, high treason and lies, all made possible by a judicial system that is bought and controlled by the cabal. This is all made possible as a result of the privately-owned monetary system that they illegally seized. This has become warfare at its best. Meanwhile, it has been made publicly visible that the cleaning up of the swamp is in progress and very soon a great deal will be exposed when the sealed indictments are opened.


Economic Collapse is being planned

The economy has long ago passed its expiration date and will now be purposely collapsed. This economy is a central bank economy and cannot be repaired. The economy will be replaced by a people’s economy, supported by free markets. The ongoing global financial market correction could continue during the coming weeks, as more GESARA-related changes are made around the world.

The Central Bank system works on debt and people have been brainwashed for years to make them believe that debt is a good thing. The stock market and the housing market are going down. The interest on debt will get to a point where it is unsustainable. President Trump and the patriots are using this strategy to push the MSM into blaming the Fed for the coming crash.


The stock markets all over the world have been declining for the last 5 weeks, and have lost over 8 trillion in paper value. This is the beginning of the entire global economic system breaking down. Around the world the real estate market is experiencing a downturn, even worse than the 2008 market downfall.

The Globalist system is collapsing on all fronts, and this is being done intentionally with the intervention of the Alliance. The most important factor for both sides of this information war is the push to control the narrative of the collapse. The central banks that were planning to introduce a cash-free society, are now experiencing the setbacks. They are in great panic.


The centuries-long tyrannical regime is reaching its termination stage

The centuries-long tyrannical regime is steadfastly reaching its end stage, to be destroyed for ever. No more lies and manipulation. All markets will be free, all aspects of our lives will be free from oppression and suppression. People will take responsibility for their own lives and decide for themselves.


Be prepared and be on your guard, as things are going to move fast from now on. Banks are closing and this will leave many people stranded without the necessities of life. The changeover should take about three weeks. The corrupt and their puppet helpers will be removed as they are unable to move forward. They became part of the Cabal because they have all been bribed to do the work for them. It made them feel important, but they will regret it and are paying a very high price for it.


There is plenty of work to be done

Remember; If only 1 percent of the population is knowingly involved, participating and benefiting from the Deep State fraud scheme, that amounts to about seven million criminals that have to be addressed with some level of questioning and prosecution.


So how are about two million law enforcement officers and judges, and other officials in the Army supposed to arrest, incarcerate, and prosecute these seven million criminal cases? Military tribunals and resources alone cannot possibly handle the vast volume of inquiries and prosecutions. Of course, they can take out the puppet ringleaders and dismantle the infrastructure that supports the Deep State, but in order to do the actual housecleaning, we will need the help of the awakened masses.

We, the people have to work together to put our house in order. We have to assemble our regional infrastructure and appoint or elect our governing bodies, to reclaim our assets and resources, restore our lawful court systems, and many issues more. There will be no sitting around in front of the television set, waiting for superman to come along and rescue us, even though there are many heroes doing their best for us.


We are the answer that we are looking for. Remember that these heroes depend on our civil government to direct and finance their operations. – The Cabal has been leeching off of humanity’s wealth for centuries. The amounts of stolen wealth are being recovered, to be allocated to projects for the benefit of humanity.


There are enough funds to build an entire civilisation on another planet. The funds being allocated to the GCR/RV are equivalent to less than 1% of the total amount of stolen wealth.

For now; the war is nearly over. Roll-up your sleeves and think how you can help to clean up this mess. Start organising your community for the new era that lies ahead.

In the famous words of President John F. Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

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Black Friday 2018 Video Hall of Shame: Keep in Mind They’re Not Even Hungry

Well, it’s that time again. Time for our annual Season’s Beatings video roundup. As I like to remind you each year, these folks aren’t even hungry. This year, they’re duking it out over all sorts of things in the Black Friday 2018 Hall of Shame. Seriously, fellow Americans. The rest of the world is looking at us and laughing today.

This year, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news: there was actually less insanity and fewer brawls than there have been in years past.

The bad news? This round-up is shorter than normal. This even led to online complaints from disappointed would-be viewers. In fact, The Guardian pointed out that the folks who watch the videos are are enjoying “economic injustice.”

There has also been backlash of late against the enjoyment of Black Friday fight videos, which some maintain reflect classism. The Daily Dot website, for example, said in a post it would not be sharing viral fight footage.

“But … the core issue of these gross videos being circulated for the consumption of hundreds of thousands of hungry eyes [is that] they’re classist, voyeuristic and self-serving.

“We instead act as aristocracy demanding to be entertained by people who are only trying to provide their families with gifts that, without these Black Friday through Cyber Monday discounts, they might not be able to provide.” (source)

Personally, I see Black Friday as a cautionary tale for preppers, a live-action snippet from some future apocalypse full of hungry people in search of food.

From another standpoint, could the lack of frenzy be a sign that retailers are in trouble this year? Sales were expected to be up by $35 billion, but the total remains to be calculated. The media keeps applauding the economy, but I know of more people who are having money problems than are not having money problems.

Anyway, without further ado…

Here’s your Black Friday 2018 Video Hall of Shame.

Watch these folks fighting over the mystery boxes in the first clip. A few of them emerged victorious, while others end up crouching on the floor, stunned. And don’t miss the moment the big-screen TVs are released at 1:09. At 3:02, a man literally leaps onto the backs of other people to try and grab some kind of prize, and the stampede at 4:46 takes out the cameraperson.

In the next video, it starts out strong as the guy at 0:11 goes underneath the other people to get his large electronic item (presumably a television.) Stay sharp, because at 0:20, the redhead slaps the blonde right in the face. Watch the terrified expressions on the faces of the employees at 0:55 as they open the doors and watch as numerous customers get knocked down from the surge of humanity. The fight over a television begins at 2:13 and spills out into the corridor, lasting another 20 seconds. I’m not quite sure who ended up with it.

Christmas Deals Galore 

This video starts out hot, as a guy punches a girl. The woman on the floor from the original ruckus appears to require first aid of some sort. At 0:30, people run into Target, cheering. And running. Literally running. The only time I ever ran in a store was when I was chasing my errant toddler who was trying to make her escape. Later, you can watch the crowd shove the crap out of each other for no reason that I can figure out.

Here are ten clips of folks beating the snot out of each other in shopping centers across the nation. If the scene at 20 seconds doesn’t look like something out of an episode of The Walking Dead, I don’t know what does. Especially at 1:03 when they start falling on an overturned cart and just keep on going. Watch for the headbutt at 1:34. OUCH.

And we’ll finish off with this clip at some pink store to which I never want to go on a Black Friday. “Honey, you’re going to get trampled if you try and get between them and their sales.”

And that’s a wrap.

Personally, I avoid these kinds of events like the plague. Here are some great Black Friday sales for preppers that you don’t even have to leave your home for.

Well, what do you think? Anything to add to the commentary above regarding the Black Friday 2018 Hall of Shame?


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George Soros is Getting Redpilled – Patriots for Truth

George Soros is Getting Redpilled


We have written several citizen intelligence reports on George Soros. Continue your citizen education by reading more here:

Related articles that were discussed in the audio:

November 15, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg Does Damage Control Over N.Y. Times Exposé, Says He Has “Tremendous Respect” for George Soros

November 21, 2018

George Soros Sold Facebook, Netflix, and Goldman Stock Just Before They Tumbled

November 22, 2018

George Soros’ organization calls for oversight of Facebook


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BOOOOM!!! Trump to Disband the 9th Circuit Court AND Has Activated the Intelligence Advisory Panel | Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Right when the Dems stole the house and thought they were going to nail Trump with the intelligence agencies, they only activated his “Trump card”!!!

How many times has the President pulled a rabbit out of a hat? I’ve lost count. No matter what the thugs try to do, the “Trump Effect” kicks in and they are “Trumped”. (meaning Tigar will be toast.)  ~ BP

From Jim Stone, investigative journalist…

Number 1:

Not rumor: Trump to disband the 9th circuit court

Now that the supreme court is not sufficiently rigged to prevent it, Trump is going to start telling the supreme court to disband the corrupted lower courts, which they can do. This is a great day in history.

The decision by Trump was based in a 9th circuit court judge [Tigar] who was planted by Obama being used to stop Trump from doing his presidential duty to protect the nation. This took the form of Democrats appealing to a pre-corrupted court with judges that were willing to violate constitutional law and stop Trump from blocking the migrant caravan. Trump has to listen, his executive orders blocking migrants can be overturned by a corrupt judge, but now that the supreme court is not rigged, Trump can turn right around and say “the 9th circuit court is using powers outside of it’s jurisdiction and violating the separation of powers, they need to be done away with, disband them”. Then he can just issue a new executive order.

Obviously, since liberals can use any corrupted court they want they will simply find another and use it. PROBLEM: The cycle repeats. If they take this to Hawaii Trump can have that court wiped out now that the supreme court is not rigged, and will go along with doing so. This is precisely why there was such a freak out over Kavanaugh, he’s the lynch pin that is going to hang the judicial tyranny Obama put in place.


From Jim Stone, investigative journalist…

Number 2:

BOOOOM!!! Trump has activated the Intelligence Advisory panel

This panel has been dormant for a very long time, but was there to be activated. The job of the panel is to root out corruption in the intelligence agencies. This is very good news.

From the Washington Examiner: With Republicans poised to lose control of investigatory panels in the House of Representatives, President Trump is resurrecting a potentially powerful board capable of intimately reviewing intelligence agencies

The White House announced five appointments to the Presidential Intelligence Advisory Board on Tuesday evening, after selecting a chairman and vice chairwoman earlier this year.

The dormant board created by former President Dwight Eisenhower has no formal powers, but derives significant authority directly from the president, operating as his surrogate to smooth over agency rivalries, investigate misconduct, and evaluate intelligence collection policies.

My comment: Right when the Dems stole the house and thought they were going to nail Trump with the intelligence agencies, they only activated his “Trump card”!!!



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