Christian Universalism and Other Heresies Taught in Our Churches

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

As a Christian writer, I get many emails from all over the world.  Most of these are words of encouragement and sometimes I’m asked questions.  I am not a theologian – we shall leave that to the men who pastor their churches and those who have Sound Biblical ministries which impact the church for Christ.

I do study the Word of God to help me in my writing, but I am certainly not a resource for deeper understanding of God’s Word.  This is why I include the writings of so often.  In all my years of writing, I have never found this wonderful website for Christians to be in blatant error and opposed to God’s Word.

The beauty of “gotquestions” is simply that they rely on the teachings of godly men who have been proven to be reliable when expounding on God’s Word. But, as the Bereans did so…

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